UFO Detection Glasses NASA

UFO Detection Glasses NASA
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9BeavisandButthead9 says:

come over to my channel if u want to see some “crazy” stuff!

Shawn Landers says:

Nice glasses Bloke, very stylish indeed. LAMO

Shawn Landers says:


Scott Tanner says:

fuck off

Nico Voorberg says:

Lol i knew it. Very funny stuff

det vet inte du FAN HELLER says:

supose this is why you are called ”CRAZY British Bloke”

ghettohillbilly1 says:

i definately need a pair of them classes bloke :P

moonshinedesigns says:

Always funny bloke!

David Philbrick says:

I do not see a link Bloke!!

leemrfxt says:

Let me know if you see somthing … Unless you had 2000 beers mate !!

HURLBUT6805 says:

I don’t think I “NEED” one of those. I think i’l leave it up to you to wear those. LOL

ymxctrails says:

cool – I didn’t know it was that popular. I already 3 people here know about it

RobsPackanShine says:

i need sums tossels 4mee chechies too go along with 2 pairs of those plz

james tavenner says:

Wtf you had me there for a min but once I saw the glasses I knew ya had a lil too many James readys

WinnipegosisTrail says:

I think he is on jankom

Paradise555 says:

he seems stoned

Ribbitmefoot says:

Blokes on the mash once again….Oh dear.

angus mccutcheon says:

Ha, ha, ha. Very funny

susen holmes says:

love the glasses bloke!they make you look skinnier!lol

JRobert111111 says:

Thanks for the laugh Bloke, I really needed it after a crappy weekend.

wicked2631 says:

space shuttle ???? it think he means the iss (international space station)

gtvstar2 says:

Yeah Bloke , but they work even better after a few cones ! You’d be surprised how many space ships you can see with your UFO glasses when you’re stoned !

Seegal Galguntijak says:

What date is today in Canada? Could it be April 1st?

AridSpell says:

Bloke . . . The Real Deal Exists . . . Do a google search for “ed grimsley ufo battles” and then go to the link for “Ed Grimsley”. These night vision goggles cost a bit but do the job. Ed’s been on the late night radio show “Coast to Coast am” many times and it’s quite interesting.

Dmonkey Productions says:


ernieinhawaii says:

Never failed my first thoughts. Great one Bloke.

crock76 says:

i listen every night. listening right now it’s on commercial great show

MENDOZZA1011 says:


1055dwd says:

What a dipshit. Loved it.

MrRazmuss says:

Awesome sales pitch Bloke! I was sold on the glasses lol

udizzy1969 says:

oh man, them 1′s are the best for riding the Baja’s. makes you go faster prolly. cheers

MrOne2watch says:

WTF ? lol

ymxctrails says:

anyone here know about coast to coast AM?

susen holmes says:

bloke looks like he s three sheets to the wind!

Bruce From Head Office says:

Awesome glasses

barriejimmy says:

You forgot link blokes:( this is dicked

dejanira2 says:

just like X Ray glasses. Couldn’t find your link.

hummer3d3d says:

Hey Bloke The Space Shuttle Program is retired! Im sure you meant the space station!

doyouliketowatch says:

This may be old news and I apologize if it is, but I was wondering if you still went to the farm or is it pretty much done now

stevmoon says:

How the hell did NASA get those??
I destroyed the prototype after the FBI threatened to kill me.

rob reddragon says:


bigjohnson5619 says:

I think Bloke fell off his mini bike and bumped his head lol…

DeathK says:

Thumbs up if you got the reference, lol

VlogginLife says:

Tell ya what…when I go down in October I will test those bad boys out and see if they really do work ok buddy?

Veikra says:

I want the glasses from the church in front of the construction site. Those that let you see the world as it is and see the evil alien bankers

Liowen says:

Hmm I wonder if NASSA is one of those unknown government programs with all sorts of weird gadgets and dodads?  Too funny Bloke, but you forgot the linkage in the description.

ohyeah42099 says:

OHYEAH….I love it….too funny I want a pair…..miss the vids keep’em comin

JamesReadythe5th says:

I seen this guy once dressed up in tin foil and duct tape suit, waiting for the spaceship to land. lol Talk about a nut!

thenorth03 says:

i have had the UFO specs. since 1978…. they work well

Dennis Durandetto says:


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